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Sundance Channel

One Punk Under GodHave I ever mentioned I love the Sundance Channel?  I’ve often found a few shows over the years that peaked my interest, but I started watching more regularly when “One Punk Under God” was on featuring Jay Bakker, the son of Jim & Tammy Faye.  I discovered this morning that the past episodes can be watched online now. How cool is that? I thoroughly enjoyed this show because I can relate so much more to where Jay is and the issues he’s wrestling with.

Live From Abbey RoadI found “Live from Abbey Road” last week, which is freakin’ awesome.  Thanks to my DVR I’ve been able to keep up with more of my favorite shows lately. I pressed play last night to see Amos Lee singing “Truth,” “Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight,” and “Black River.” I’m not sure, but I may have been drooling. That is a fine wine for the ears. Wow!  They also had a cool jazz performance by Randy Crawford and Joe Sample. I am a music nut, and this show knows how to exploit my weaknesses.

John Safron vs. GodThe newest show I found on Sundance is “John Safron vs. God,” which is “an irreverent eight-part personal investigation into religions around the world.” Safron has apparently made a name for himself in Austrailia known best for “prankish documentaries.” Anyway, I watched it for the first time last night. I thought it was really funny. It’s far more satirical than anything else. I wouldn’t go looking for theological revelation here, but it gives an outside perspective on the religious.

If you haven’t seen Sundance yet, check it out. Comment on your favorites!