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Sunday, January 28, 2007

I’ve been watching a ridiculous amount of movies lately since joining the Blockbuster Total Access program. There were a few quotes too good not to share from a few movies I’ve seen recently:

“The Universe will expand, then it will collapse back on itself, then it will expand again. It will repeat this process forever. What you don’t know is that when the Universe expands again, everything will be as it is now. Whatever mistakes you make this time around, you will live through on your next pass. Every mistake you make you will live through again and again forever. So my advice to you is to get it right this time around because this time is all you have.”
Prot (Kevin Spacey), from K-PAX

“I do not know what the theme of my homily today ought to be. Do I want to talk about the miracle of our Lord’s divine transformation? Not really, no. I don’t want to talk about His divinity. I’d rather talk about His humanity. I mean, you know, how He lived His life here on earth. His kindness, His tolerance…Listen, here’s what I think. I think we can’t go ’round measuring our goodness by what we don’t do, what we deny ourselves, what we resist, and who we exclude. I think we’ve got to measure goodness by what we embrace, what we create, and who we include.”
Young Priest Peri Henri (Hugh O’Conor), from Chocolat


  1. mike says:

    Great line…
    “…I think we’ve got to measure goodness by what we embrace, what we create, and who we include.”

    I grew up in a religious heritage that measured faith in the “don’ts.” It stifled my direction, my creativity, and probably my faith in general. It built walls that let no one inside but us “don’ters” and we can be some ugly people to be around.

    With God’s help I hope I am becoming more of an embrace, creator, and includer.

  2. Jared Funderburk, SIM CP says:

    I hadn’t realized you had watched Chocolat. What a great movie, huh? I loved it. I forgot about K-Pax. I’ll have to rewatch that one. Good quotes.

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