The book starts to take shape

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I’m working through the nuts and bolts process of research and planning for the book I’m writing. There will be many rewrites of everything, but here is the working draft of what the book is about and a brief overview. Comments appreciated. Free critics are the best.


A young Irish refugee begins her new life in the bayous of the Louisiana Territory.

A young girl flees the green shores of Ireland with her family for the murky bayous of the Louisiana. Sarah McWilliams tries hard to adapt to life in the Spanish territory, but she’s soon married off to an Irish immigrant approved by her father and moved north to start a family far from her own. Soon after adjusting to their new life together, Sarah’s husband is tragically killed leaving her a very young widow with three small children. Gabriel is fresh from Tennessee to make a name for himself, but soon befriends his fare red-headed neighbor and wins her heart and hand in marriage. Within a few years the sugar boom is calling and the vagabond packs up home and family once more to start over yet again in the foreign French-speaking bayous of south Louisiana. Together Gabriel and Sarah endure hardship and setback to carve out a life in the backwater wilderness for their family leaving a legacy of love and endurance known as the Wildwood Plantation.


  1. Jared says:

    Sounds good man! I always thought I would write a book, too. Who knows. Anyway, I got an idea, throw in some vampires and it will be sorta Anne Ricey!! LOL.

  2. Lyndon says:

    That’s a good idea. Nothing like vampires and southern mythology. I can always do I rewrite with them if no one wants to publish it. There’s definitely a hole in the market now that Anne Rice has got religion and quit writing about vampires. 🙁

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