Reign on Me Oscar-worthy

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

For all the laughs that Adam Sandler has delievered over the years his role in Spanglish set him apart as a serious actor. His performance in Reign on Me far surpasses even that achievement. I’ve always loved Don Cheadle. He’s just such a classy, likeable guy. Liv Tyler is so demure and ethereal. The cast as a whole works so well in this film, but the writing and directing are masterfully orchestrated. Mike Binder really amazed me. Who knew he could be capable of such art? He even has a small role in the movie.

The film is heavy without a doubt. How can you make a movie about a 911 widower struggling with grief light hearted? Nonetheless there is tremendous balance with just enough laughs and brevity to rivet your attention and keep your heart from breaking completely until just the right moment.

I haven’t cried watching a movie since Where the Red Fern Grows when I was 9. I cried during this movie! Did you hear me? I cried for God’s sake. I couldn’t help it. What was odd was that I finally broke near the end of the movie during a happy scene of all things. The film takes you into the depths of pain and heartache like few have done before, but it’s not a sad movie. It’s really not. It’s heart warming and endearing. It will make you cherish your life and all those in it that you love. It is a must see, and a must win for an Academy Award.

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  1. preechaman7 says:

    Finally watched it a couple of nights ago. Unlike you, I have cried at plenty of movies!!, so I was expecting a deluge. I didn’t cry :(, but the movie, for me, was thought provoking. How would I go on if I lost my whole family tradgically? I guess in a similar fashion to Sandler’s character, compartmentalize it in my mind and try not to visit that recess of the mind. Good movie. I too love Don Cheadle. Such a versatile actor. He can be funny, ie the Ocean movies, a leading man, ie Hotel Rwanda, producer/actor, ie Crash, etc. etc.

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