Success and Significance

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A blogger I read a while back asked “how do you see success?”. I thought about it for a while, wrote these few lines, and let them mellow in my draft folder for a few months for some reason. Maybe you have to be a success to write about it, lol. I don’t feel much like one lately. Maybe I needed to read this post again. That’s the funny thing about feelings. They’re fickle. Nonetheless, I still agree with what this guy called “me” wrote a while back and, if for no other cathartic reason than to clear my draft folder, here’s the post:

For me ‘success’ isn’t about doing something, i.e. more money, better job, bigger stuff, getting recognized, etc. For me, I stress for me, ‘success’ is all about being. Being whole and human. Recognizing truth and beauty in and around me. Being a father, a husband, a son, a friend. Being honest with and about myself.

No matter which model people aspire to (doing or being), I’ve done both, and I can honestly say that I’m finally at peace with ‘being.’ When you live in a pursuit of ‘doing,’ it’s all about completion, accomplishment, recognition, i.e. ‘success.’ It’s ridiculously stressful and constantly leaves you unfulfilled and disappointed. Somehow I’ve found a way to love myself, to be myself, to know myself. That I believe is the first step to being a ‘success’ and living in healthy relationships with the world and those in it closest to us.

I think I’ve been caught up in the “doing” of the 10,000 things lately, or especially the 10,000 things that don’t get done. I’ve forgotten the value and necessity of “being.” It’s not an easy switch to make but a reminder I desperately needed to find.

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