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Monday, July 9, 2007

If you are an information junkie and would like to get more done with less times, I’d like to share a couple tips that could help you. I’m fairly tech saavy but generally a late bloomer on assimilating the trendiest things. I finally broke down and learned about RSS Feeds, since moving my blog to WordPress, which is awesome btw. Your favorite blogs and many sites have Real Simple Syndication feeds that can be read by “aggregators” or feed readers. Basically, you can browse the latest posts from your favorite places in one place rather than having to go to each site. There are two feed readers that I’ve been enjoying a lot that you should know about, plus they’re FREE:

Google Desktop

Google’s desktop is a great floating tool with many customizeable widgets that simplify your life. Currently I have mine loaded with the current weather, a scratch pad for notes, clock/calendar, and my feeds. The options seem limitless of what you can with the desktop, but the feed reader is my favorite, because it automatically updates the headlines with the most current posts continuously. You can read the first few lines of a new post with one click of the headline then choose to open the site if you want to read the whole post.


Bloglines is my newest feed reader, and I have gotten a lot of use from it. I don’t want 100 different feeds constantly rolling down my Google Desktop, so I limit that list to my favorites. I have many more feeds in bloglines, which allows you to see a list of all your feeds with the number of unread posts in one pane with the selected feed appearing in the larger pane. It’s so simple “a caveman could do it.” There are also many more options in bloglines that enable you to share your feeds, create your own blog, etc. I’ve only used the feedreader so far, and unlike your Google Desktop, your bloglines feeds are accessible from any computer via their site.

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